Our Vision

The vision for the Mr Shapeshifter project has always been to reach as many 9-11 year old children as possible and to make a significant contribution to help keep them safe from sexual exploitation and abuse. So far, we have achieved great success and impact with performances of the Mr Shapeshifter theatre production in primary schools. This work is vital and GW Theatre will continue to tour the play.

Jack and Jess Mr ShapeshifterJack and Jess Mr Shapeshifter

But we are now ready to take on a series of major new challenges. We will continue to develop our work in schools but we must get beyond the school gates to reach children who are not learning in a classroom environment. We must reach the more vulnerable children and those with specific and complex needs and issues. We must reach parents, carers, families and people in wider communities. In all communities.

We must do whatever we can to bring everyone together in a single-minded mission to do whatever possible to keep children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation.

This is our new vision and our determination to achieve it has led to the successful development of two new powerful engagement tools to both support and work independently of the stage production:

The Mr Shapeshifter Animation

Produced by GW Theatre Company. Written by Mike Harris. Commissioned by the West Yorkshire Office Police and Crime Commissioner. Developed in collaboration with the award winning Fettle Animation.

The Mr Shapeshifter Book

Self-funded and published by GW Theatre Company, with Crowdfunding support. Written by Mike Harris.

With the addition of these new elements GW Theatre is now able to offer unique CSA/CSE awareness raising, prevention and education packages which are built around the theatre production, animation and book resources.

One of these packages, built specifically around the Mr Shapeshifter animation, is completely free on this website, and is a legacy of the vision of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in West Yorkshire. It is not just free in West Yorkshire, it is free everywhere.

This free package is designed to function as a simple awareness raising and engagement tool for children and adults. It is not a training or education package in itself but it could support both. It is essential therefore that any local authorities, professionals and agencies linking children and adults to this website make this absolutely clear and also provide information on local CSA/CSE support to ensure people do not watch the animation in isolation.

For intensive and appropriate delivery in schools or by other professionals working with children in different settings, GW Theatre provides comprehensive learning packages which have the free to access resource built in. Details of these and other packages of work can be found and purchased in the Shop section of this website.