Mr Shapeshifter Activities

Keeping Safe from Shapeshifters

An activity for children and adults together

Explore the themes of Mr Shapeshifter together.

My Safety Poster

An activity just for children

Print it off and stick it on your wall

Be the Protector

Information just for adults

Print off and keep in a safe place

Mr Shapeshifter

An exciting and modern animated ‘fairy tale’ to help 9-11 year old children & adults understand the way some adults abuse the trust of children and how children can work together and with trusted adults to protect themselves.

Who is Mr Shapeshifter?

Mr Shapeshifter controls all the stories in the world, including
the one Jack and Jess are stuck in.

The only way to escape is to turn his story into their story…but how can they do that when Jess hates Jack, and Jack can’t even remember what his story was?

Two very different kids band together to defeat a manipulative super-villain who wants to steal their childhood so he can live forever.

Watch Mr Shapeshifter