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GW Theatre Company Response to the Covid-19 Crisis – July 2020

With support from GMCA [Greater Manchester Combined Authority] we have produced a free Home Learning Resource built around the Mr Shapeshifter animation, for primary schools, and for other educators and adults who are educating and supporting children in alternative educational settings through the crisis.

This is an uncertain and difficult time for many, as we all adapt to a very different way of life. Children and young people are currently spending significantly more time at home, which potentially places some of them at increased risk of harm.

Usually, children and young people are seen by many different people each day, including teachers, neighbours, grandparents and their peers. But as many homes still remain in some degree of isolation, this contact has been taken away or is at best distant. If a child is experiencing abuse, there aren’t as many opportunities for others to spot the signs, or for them to access support, in turn increasing their vulnerability.

Spending more time at home means children and young people may be online a lot more to speak with friends, play games, access learning resources and so much more.  This increased time online could place them at an increased risk of falling victim to abuse and exploitation, both on and offline.

Abuse can take many forms, including neglect, physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and criminal exploitation. It is crucial that everyone is helped to fully understand and recognise the many forms that abuse can take and to know how and where to access professional help.

It’s our collective responsibility to keep children and young people safe, even more so in these uncertain times – particularly as the majority of children will not return to school until September 2020, and we will be at our strongest if we all work together. The Mr Shapeshifter Home Learning Resource provides an excellent catalyst for raising and tackling these sensitive issues safely and appropriately.

It is specifically for Year 5 and 6 children [9-11 year olds] – is easy to deliver and has been designed to support and fit with existing work and key messages on these issues. The learning activities and materials will specifically help children to:

  • develop critical thinking and digital literacy skills;
  • develop emotional capacity and self-protection skills;
  • access help and support which is available to them.

The Resource also offers the unique capacity to directly involve parents and carers in the learning – bringing them into a critical conversation and thus offering empowerment, information and support to both children and adults.

Download the Home Learning Resource using the link below:

Mr Shapeshifter Home Learning Resource

If you have any questions about the resource, or wish to discuss its delivery, please contact us and we will be happy to support you.

Key Contact: Dave Jones – [email protected] – 07976 853988