Free Resources

The free activities on this site are specifically designed to help 9-11 year old children to discuss the issues raised by the animation with their parents and carers, and to provide essential information and support for all of them. They could also be used by carers and professionals to engage with and to support children living, learning or being cared for in different and complex settings and situations.

Jess talking on Total ChatJess talking on Total Chat

They can be used as a powerful awareness raising and engagement tool by children and adults,  but it must be stressed that alone they do not offer an in-depth learning experience.  It is essential therefore that any local authorities, professionals and agencies linking children and adults to this website make this absolutely clear and also provide information on local CSA/CSE support to ensure people do not watch the animation in isolation.

The purpose of the activities is simple and straightforward: to bring adults and children together to watch the animation and to then engage in a positive  dialogue, in which they can discuss and share concerns, fears and questions -and to look at how these can be addressed by working together. In some families and settings this will enhance and support dialogue which has already taken place. In others the activities will safely introduce key safeguarding and self-protection messages to children for the first time.

1: Watch Mr Shapeshifter

Watch the animation together.

2: Keeping Safe from Shapeshifters

An activity for children and adults together

3: My Safety Poster

An activity just for children

Print it off and stick it on your wall

4: Be the Protector

Information just for adults

Print off and keep in a safe place